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Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
clinton the most 61% surveyed him as the most popular u.s. politician sur pras pasing president obama. the poll found clinton was viewed more favorably than independents and republicans than mr. obama. >> coming up a san francisco company gets a jump start. >> and a treasure trove of confiscated stuff up for auction today. they can help furnish your home, maybe a church. you're going to hear about the find at 6:00. >> then, hidden costs often in those online sweetheart flower deals. the news at 5:00 continues in just one minute. thoorks is security video of an armed robbery. police are hoping that you can help identify these people. the video shows three then men going into the famplers market telling a worker to get on the ground then shot one in the leg. a customer was also shot in the leg. the robbers took about 2000s ndz cash from the register. >> thousands of dollars worth of state property goes up for auction tomorrow in sacramento with unusual things hitting the block. lots of the stuff taken from passengers at airport security check points in san francisco, los angeles and bur
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
love that. it's a bargain compared to many similar restaurants. you know that is president clinton's favorite restaurant right? >> wow, good taste. >> is that right? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk about the weather service. sparkling outside today. >> it's getting cold out here in upper 40s now but a beautiful view. skies clear and if you look towards northwest we have fog rolling in. it's going to be a big player in the morning commute for valentine's day. it's hard to miss it a long the coastline, never left the coast. and from san francisco, we'll be seeing more fog than that. here is the current visibility in half moon bay. it's five miles and foggy. so tomorrow morning you're going need time and temperatures 48 degrees in half moon bay. 48 in pacifica by the way. 65 in antioch. got up to mid-60s in concord and livermore and san jose today. soit was a nice day. sunny, mild thursday through saturday. cooling beginning sunld. showers likely into tuesday and wednesday. looks like you're going to need um brem brelas. high pressure holding and going to bring us a dry patt
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2